Social Photography IX
August 5 - September 30, 2021

carriage trade
277 Grand St, 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10002
Thursday-Sunday, 1-6pm

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In accordance with the CDC's recently updated guidelines, masks will be required for entry regardless of vaccination status. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with this revised policy.

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Now in its ninth year, Social Photography brings together cell phone pictures of participants from a wide range of disciplines, generations, and places. In the spirit of broad access to cell phone image making technology, the emphasis of the project leans toward sensibility and the anecdotal over skill and mastery of the medium of photography.

Taking advantage of technologies that allow for images to be sent from anywhere, which are then formatted, printed, and displayed in an in-person exhibition at carriage trade, the range of participants in Social Photography reflect both the gallery's community in Lower Manhattan as well as those associated with it in other parts of the world. Linking the virtual with the physical through an online display that is then presented in print form, Social Photography IX might be seen as a counterpoint to the increased placelessness of remote exchanges normalized in the pandemic-era.

Spanning nearly a decade, the growing, informal archive of Social Photography cell phone pictures occasionally reflect significant local, national, and international events (Occupy Wall Street, George Floyd protests, U.S. presidential elections, pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong) existing side by side with the everyday, the personal, the urban, and the domestic.

With a limited curatorial directive, trends are inevitable (a slight increase in pet photos this year is most likely a result of more time spent indoors during the pandemic), while the elusive nature of where to "put" cell phone photography with respect to hierarchies of photographic image production (fine art photography, photojournalism, social media fodder) remains intact. What began in 2011 as an investigation of a novelty medium which simultaneously offered an alternative to the conventional non-profit benefit exhibition has become a kind of tradition, as it sustains and expands carriage trade's community through its many participants, while helping support the gallery's upcoming projects.

Social Photography IX Contributors:

Dennis Adams / Peggy Ahwesh / Lucas Ajemian / Graham Anderson / Michele Araujo
Michael Ashkin / Hallie Ayres / Mengfan Bai / Agnes Barley / James Barondess / Madeline Bach
David Baskin / William Beaudoin / Lisa Beck / Philip Bednarski / Peter Bellamy / Catherine Belloy
Amy Ben-Ezra / Theodora Ben-Ezra / Liz Berg / Julien Bismuth / Joi Bittle / Lisa Blas / Ann Bobco Richard Bosman / F.P. Boué / Leslie Brack / Norman Brosterman / Robert Brush / Christine Burgin
Bibs Carlsen / Antoine Catala / Alejandro Cesarco / Danny Chau / Myrel Chernick / Stella Cilman
Mary Clarke / Matt Connors / Eli Coplan / Jeri Coppola / Fred Cray / Jody Culkin / Reilly Davidson
Mira Dayal / David Deutsch / Georgie Devereux / Daniella Dooling / Saskia Draxler / Paul Druecke
Anne-Claire Duprat / Peter Fend / Bernadette Fiscina / Elias Fokine / Andrea Frank / Susan Gamble & Michael Wenyon / Rainer Ganahl / Marc Ganzglass / Victor Esther Garcia / Hunter Gause / Jeff Gibson / Liam Gillick / Andrew Ginzel / Robert Goldman / Jasmine Golestaneh / Kathy Goncharov
Michelle Grabner / Ethan Greenbaum / Barbara Gundlach / Clair Gunther / Cynthia Hawkins-Owen Anthony Hawley / Lorna Hayden / Duy Hoàng / James Hoff / Laura Hunt / Scott Indrisek / E. J.
Bryn Jayes / Lulu Jiang / Danielle Johnson / Werner Kaligofsky / Craig Kalpakjian / Simone Kearney Douglas S. Kehl / Kara Kendall / Mathias Kessler / Anjali Khosla / Anna Kleberg Tham / Essye Klempner Hilary Kliros / Nicholas Knight / Udomsak Krisanamis / Nina Kuo / Stephen Lack / Justen Ladda / Marc Lafia / Eugenia Lai / Erik LaPrade / Louise Lawler / Elizabeth LeCompte / Mika Lee / Maggie Lee Simon Leung / Max Levin / Matthew Li / Laura Li / Wenxiao Li / Nora Ligorano / Lysjs Lim / Ming Lin Jeanne Liotta / Hsiang Hsi Lu / Judith Luongo / Stephen Maine / Jiří Makovec / Sakura Maku / Adam Marnie / Vijay Masharani / Esperanza Mayobre / Tom McGlynn / Jessica Mensch / Emilie Meyer Molly Miller / Veronika Molnar / Sojung Moon / Andrew Moore / Lucy Mullican / Real Salvator Mundi Muntadas / Christian Nagel / Diane Nerwen / Chee Wang Ng / Isabella Norris / Almost Not / John Oakes Kristin Ordahl / Daylon Orr / Hannah Park / Laura Parnes / Stephan Pascher / Gelah Penn / Andreas Petrossiants / Zoe Pettijohn Schade / Michael Poetschko / Jeff Preiss / R.H. Quaytman / Lee Ranaldo Xander Rapparport / Marshall Reese / Calvin Reid / Alejandro Ribadeneira / Walter Robinson / Daniel Roche / Aura Rosenberg / Lorin Roser / Betty Roytburd / Ryan Rusiecki / Vicky Sambunaris Valerie Saputra / Ken Saylor / John Schabel / Jeffrey Schiff / Heidi Schlatter / Diana Schmertz
Kristina Schmidt / Nadine Schmied / Gary Schneider / Barry Schwabsky / Michael Scott / Felicity Scott Anne Katrine Senstad / Jacques Servin / Elaine Sexton / Trevor Shimizu / Zhi Shu / Amie Siegel / James Siena / Shelly Silver / Adam Simon / Jason Simon / Day Sinclair / Leah Singer / Janice Sloane Inna Smolina / Molly Soda / Claudia Sohrens / Andy Steinitz / Gary Stephan / Steel Stillman / Charles Stobbs III / Carol Szymanski /Sikay Tang / Rirkrit Tiravanija / Gwenn Thomas / Colin Thomson Cassidy Toner / Momoyo Torimitsu / Dan Torop / Sophie Tottie / Kristal Uribe / Gail Vachon / Pegi Vail / Kate Valk / Ali Van / Lotte Van den Audenaeren / Liselot van der Heijden / Virginia Inés Vergara / Doris Vila / Julia Wachtel / Chloe Walecki / Max Warsh / William Wegman / Barbara Weissberger / James Welling / Elvia Wilk / Tonero Williams / Scott Williams / Nechama Winston / David Winter / B. Wurtz / C. Spencer Yeh / Sun You / H Spencer Young / John Yu / Michael Zansky / Jiajia Zhang

Please Note: Because some of the Social Photography editions sell out quickly, we feel it would be a more equitable policy to limit sales of any given artist's edition to one print per customer. Thanks in advance for your understanding of this new policy.

1 print: $75.00
2 prints: $120.00 (use promo code: 2/$120 at checkout)
3 prints: $150.00 (use promo code: 3/$150 at checkout)

About carriage trade :

carriage trade is a NY-based non-profit art space that was founded in 2009. Through presenting primarily group exhibitions, carriage trade functions not as a means to promote the careers of individual artists, but to provide contexts for their work that reveal its relevance to larger social and political conditions prevalent today. The exhibitions combine well known with lesser known artists, and historical pieces with very recent work, often integrating relevant found (archival) material as a means to broaden the scope of an art exhibition by positioning the "evidence" of everyday experience in direct relation to an artist's mediation of social conditions.

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carriage trade
277 Grand St, 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10002
Thursday-Sunday, 1-6pm

 Norman Brosterman, St. Francis, 2021, inkjet print, 7"x 5"     
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